Hi Peeps! 
My name is Susanne Low. I'm born and raised from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I graduated in BA(Hons) Illustration and Graphic design at The One Academy ( partnership with University of Hertfordshire). I started as a freelance illustrator and designer after working in a design agency. I love showing my illustration in vibrant colours, playful, fun, quirky, sophisticated and bizarre ways. I use both tradition and digital medium to execute my illustration work depending on specific requirements. Otherwise, I'm particularly interested in watercolour / gouache painting with a touch of colour pencil mark for detailing.  
Personally, I realise that I have great skill on portrait, object and landscape drawing. However, I do love to create illustration with functional purposes such as prints on daily stationaries. Part of the process, I believe every person could own pieces of artwork/illustration. It doesn't has to be frame up painting that stay at home but it can be mobility. Illustration can be part of the memory and I would like my illustration be the special unique memorable story in people's life.
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